Freelance work

There are a lot of different types of free lance work available online. Freelance websites such as UpWork have thousands of different assignments ready to bid on. Even more work is assigned directly to different freelancers who have built a loyal customer base.

Some freelance work is skilled and require you to know how to program in a certain programming language or some other skill. Not all freelance work require any skills and there are plenty of work out there that can be conducted by anyone that have access to a computer.

Below you can find examples of different types of freelance assignments that are available for you to do.

Unskilled Work

Unskilled assignments will pay a lot less then skilled work. Clients looking for unskilled labor will often chose the person that is willing to do it for the lowest price. Clients looking for skilled work are willing to pay more for a more skilled freelancer but this is normally not the case for unskilled work.


Unskilled work allows you to start earning money quickly but you should always strive to learn how to do more skilled work. This is the key to being able to earn more and more money as time goes by. It will be very hard to increase your earnings if you just keep doing unskilled assignments.

Content writing

Content writing can be a very good way to earn money as a free lancer. There is a lot of work available and you can increase your rates over time as you become ever more popular.

There are a lot of of websites out there that needs content and you can earn money writing about almost anything. You can choose to write only about things that you are interested in and that you like writing about. This is true almost regardless of your hobbies.

It can be more profitable to focus on other topics then your hobbies.

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Graphical work

There is a lot of graphical freelance work available online. There are always assignments looking for freelancers and new projects are posted every minute. There is unfortunately a lot of competition for these assignments. This have driven down prices and you will have to expect to earn very little when you first get started. A lot of clients have gotten used to be able to hire skilled graphical designers at very low prices. This is unlikely to change anytime soon because graphical designers have to compete with other designers from all over the world.

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Programming work

Programming work requires you to be a skilled programmer that is able to complete the projects that they are hired for. There is a lot of work available and you should be able to quickly find an assignment. You will be competing with other programmers all over the world. You will likely have to expect to earn little for your first assignments. Once you have built a reputation as a good programmer you can start charging more. Well established programmers can charge USD50 an hour or more.

Other skilled work

There are a lot of other types of assignments available online. You can make money doing data collection, SEO work, link building and a lot of other things. Most people can find online work that suits them and their experience.