Content writing

Content writing can be a very good way to start earning money online. There are hundreds of thousands of different websites out there that all need more content and there is a lot of work available for writers of all skill levels. You do not have to be a literary genius to be able to write content for online publications. It is often better if you do not believe yourself to be a good writer. People who believe that they are good writers often have their own developed styles and may find it hard to adjust to other writing styles.

There is a need for content on all topics and in all languages.

Writing skills

It is good if you are able to write a grammatically and linguistically correct text if you want to work as a copy writer but it is not necessary. There are work available that do not require you to write 100% correct. The text have to be passable but it does not matter if they have a few errors in various places. Your goal should always be to learn to write perfect texts but you can get started in the business without being able to write perfects texts.


To not promise more than you can deliver. If you are unable to deliver perfect texts then you should not pretend to be able to do so. There are plenty of work out there for you anyway. But not if you lie and promise more than you can deliver. Manage the clients expectation so that he is likely to be happy with what he receives,


You need to be able to research new topics to become a content writer. You will often be asked to write about topics that you might know little about. You need to be able to research the topic and write a correct informative article on the topic.

Do not just open one article and assume that the information in that article is correct. You need to read a number of article to get a better understanding of the topic.

Google is your friend but do not be afraid to look past the top 5. You can often find good article further down on page one or on page two. I seldom click past page 3.

Specialize in certain topics

It is important that you know what topics you are able to write about and what you do not know enough about to write about. You can research a topic but this often requires a basic understanding of the topic to start with. If you do not know anything when you start researching the topic then you might end up spending so much time researching the topic that your hourly income becomes very low.

Only accept work where you have a basic understanding of the topic.

It can often be a very good idea to specialize on a certain type of topic. This allows you to become an expert in the field and allow you to write high quality articles at a much higher speed than you would otherwise be able to do.

Gambling is often a good topic to specialize in since the gambling industry always need a very large amount of content.

How much can you earn?

There is no limit to how much money you can earn as a content write. It all depends on how good you are and how much time you spend writing every day. A good writer can easily earn close to six figures a year.

How much money you can charge will depend on how much experience you got and how long you have been writing. If you are unable to write 100% correct English then you will need to take that into account as well and accept a lower pay.

A well established specialized writer might earn as much as 50 cents a word. As a new writer your should no expect to earn anywhere near that. Expect to be paid 1-3 cents a word for your first assignment. Your earnings will increase as you gain experience and build a portfolio of previous assignments.

Where to find work

The easiest way to find work is to bid on assignments on UpWork and other freelance market places.