Start your own website

Starting your own website can be a great way to earn money. If you do you will not have to rely on finding work. You will work for yourself and you will have your faith in your own hands. How much or how little you make will be entirely up to you and how much energy you put into to your projects

I think every one who want to make money online should start their own website or develop their own app.

It will take time before your website starts to earn you money. You will usually have to wait 3-6 months before your website starts to make money. It takes time for you to develop the website and it takes time before the website starts attracting customers. If you want to earn money quicker then you will need to do freelance work or use paid advertising to drive traffic to your website. A good option can be to spend a part of your time doing freelance work to get an income and part of your time building a website that can earn you money.

A website will keep earning money even if you stop working on it. (slowlely fading) Your website will also be a valuable asset that you can sell if you need money or if you no longer want to work on it.

It is easy to build a website

It is very easy to build a website and anyone can do it. You do not need any prior knowledge. If you know how to use the internet then you can build a website.

There are a number of diffrent softwares that make it very easy to build a website. The most popular option is WordPress. Joomla is another popular alternative. I recommend that you use WordPress to build your website. WordPress is easy to use and it is very easy to sell WordPress websites because everyone knows how to administrate them.

There are plenty of different plugins and themes that allows you to change the look of your website and add new functions.

Pay for hosting

I recommend that you allways pay for hosting. There are free hosts available online and allow you to get a free blog. I recommend that you ignore the free options and pay for hosting. Paying for hosting will give you more controll and will give you a higher change of success.

Use to download WordPress and install it in your own hosting.

Choose a topic

You can choose to build a website about anything you want to. I recommend that you build a website around a topic that has a high commercial intent. Ie a topic where the visitor is likely to buy something. Another option is to creata a website about a hobby of yours. Building a website about around a hobby can be a lot of fun but it can be harder to make money then it is if you choose a more commercial topic.

Quality is king

Make sure to build the best possible website. It can be tempted to try to cut corner to start making money faster but it is always best to build a high quality website. This will give you the best result in the long run.

Read and learn everything you can find about websites and SEO to maximize your chance of success.